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What is Watermelon Magic?


The first Giant Screen film ever made about food and farming!

Watermelon Magic is like no other film. It’s a sweet combination of story and science and the first big screen film devoted one of our most basic human needs: healthy food. International audiences will delight in this nearly wordless burst of color and music. Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on the family farm, as young Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. How will she let her babies go?


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Watermelon Magic Film by Spring Garden Pictures

“A captivating film with the perfect mix of storyline and humor – beautifully done and cleverly told!”

Cast & Crew

Sylvia (Sylvie’s real name) is the daughter of the producer/director and was excited to work with her father on a film about their family’s passion – growing food and healthy eating. She enjoys helping with the family’s farm share pick-up and preparing meals under supervision.

Sylvia was just 5 years old when filming began, and her favorite part of making the movie was building the fence and harvesting the watermelons. Sylvia’s favorite activities include ballet, cooking, sewing, and painting.
Sylvia Hoffmann
Holly Hoffmann
Holly and her director/husband Richard are high school sweethearts, and she has been involved behind the scenes in all of his productions.

For Watermelon Magic, Richard asked her to step in front of the camera and draw on her acting experience at the British American Drama Academy and Sarah Lawrence College.

As the real-life mother of Sylvie and her two brothers (Casper and Lucas), Holly didn’t need to stretch much to play Sylvie’s mother. Holly is also an elementary school science teacher.
Holly Hoffmann
Sylvie's mother
Chris McNichol
In January 2000, Chris and his wife, Amy, started Red Hill Farm, a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in Aston, PA. Director Richard Hoffmann and his family joined their farm as members, and subsequently created a short award-winning documentary, Fridays at the Farm, which features Chris at work in the fields. Chris’ goofy and endearing on-screen presence plus real world experience as a farmer led Richard to cast him as Sylvie’s Father in Watermelon Magic.
Chris McNichol
Sylvie’s Father
Susan Moses
Industry veteran Susan Moses has appeared on stage in numerous Off- Broadway and Regional Theaters. She has trained with Herbert Berghof and holds a BA and MA degree in Theatre. Her favorite film credits include “Invincible,” “The Fields,” “Mafioso…The Father and Son,” and she recently appeared on TV in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “Person of Interest.” She has worked with director Richard Hoffmann on several of his films in the past, including Invisible Mountains (2003) & Amelia (1996).
Susan Moses
The Lady at the Market
Jon Shearburn
For Watermelon Magic, Jon handled the Herculean task of organizing and assembling over 200,000 still images. Jon developed a unique editing work flow to handle the still-image movie technique featured in many of their projects. Jon and Richard have been collaborating since they were film students back in 1996.
Jon Shearburn
Tim Shepherd
Richard sought out Tim to bring his unique talents from documentary into the fictional realm of Watermelon Magic. Tim specializes in time-lapse and macro photography from his studio in Devon, United Kingdom. He has worked as a senior photographer on the Plants program of the BBC series’ LIFE and Planet Earth. Tim also has Emmy and Royal Television Society awards for cinematography on The Private Life of Plants and The Human Body series.
Tim Shepherd
Director of Plant Photography
Chase Bowman
Though he has traveled the four corners of the globe shooting projects, Chase grew up just a stone’s throw from the farm where Watermelon Magic was filmed. Chase has shot fourteen feature films and his music videos feature artists such as The Roots, Common, Justin Bieber, and Diggy Simmons. His work has been screened at many national and international film festivals including The Cannes Film Festival. Chase’s commercial clients include NASCAR, Sunoco, Hershey, National Geographic, and Getty Images.
Chase Bowman
Director of People Photography
Peter Tramo
Peter was excited to explore his playful side in the creation of the Watermelon Magic soundtrack, and hopes that kids bounce along to the music. Peter is a musician and sound engineer that owns and operates Lorelei Studios in Philadelphia. First working with Richard in 2001, Peter has composed and created the scores for nearly every film from Coyopa Productions, using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments.
Peter Tramo
Rich Power Hoffmann
After earning a BFA in film from NYU in 1996, Rich returned to his native Philadelphia and founded Coyopa Productions. In 2003, Rich directed a feature-length narrative film, Invisible Mountains, which won Best Feature at the DV Film Festival in Los Angeles. He has won numerous awards for his short films, most prominently Fridays at the Farm, which won the Best Short Film at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea. Fridays toured internationally with ten “Best of” film festivals, and was broadcast nationally on the Sundance Channel. Rich’s first film for fulldome (planetarium) theaters, Seeds of Spring, won the 2007 Domefest award for Best Live-Action film. Feeling the call to produce educational children’s films, Rich co-founded Spring Garden Pictures as a non-profit organization in 2009.
Rich Power Hoffmann
Producer, Director, Writer



How does our garden grow?

Watermelon Magic is THE FIRST giant screen film ever made about one of our most basic human needs – healthy food. Check out these Frequently Asked Questions!

Where was the film shot?
What makes Watermelon Magic unique?
How did you make this movie? Did you use CGI?
How did you film all the plant time-lapse sequences?
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How else can I help this non-profit organization and share Watermelon Magic?

Activities for Kids

Want more Watermelon Magic ? Check out our Educator’s Guide and these FUN activities for kids!


How to Grow a Watermelon

Grades K – 5

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Do Watermelons Float?

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Watermelon Math

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Watermelon Math

Grades 3 & 4


Watermelon Geography

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Watermelon Reading

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Watermelon Reading

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Watermelon Reading

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Interested in The Watermelon Magic Educator's Guide?

The Watermelon Magic Educator’s Guide focuses on plant biology, applied mathematics, and making healthy food choices, and is designed to develop scientific reasoning skills for K-5 audiences.

The 8-page guide aligns with the science, math and language arts skills specified by the Next Generation Science Standards, the National Common Core Standards, and the National Science Resources Center’s STC Curriculum.

Get the Educator's Guide

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