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The Science of Growing. A Story of Sharing.

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What is Watermelon Magic?

The First Giant Screen Film Made About Food and Farming!

Audiences around the world have already experienced Watermelon Magic on the giant screen, and now this sweet summertime tale of young Sylvie and her watermelon patch is available for schools and home viewing. Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on the family farm, as Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market. With time, patience, and tender loving care, Sylvie nurtures the seeds from tender sprouts to sprawling vines and flowers that become the fruit that she harvests. But when it's time to say goodbye to her watermelon babies, can she part with them? Journey with Sylvie as she learns how to care for plants in various stages, discovers the magic of growing healthy food in her garden, and realizes the greatest joy of all-sharing.

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"A captivating film with the perfect mix of storyline and humor - beautifully done and cleverly told!"